Vedaant is known for its specially developed playground which caters the need of tender age like very obvious is that, physical bodily development is only possible in an airy open space. Children need spacious environment to run, dance, jump, hop, & have fun in their own way.

Taking into consideration :

  • Physical development
  • Gross motor development
  • Large muscles development
  • Body balancing, body co-ordination
  • Stamina pull-up
  • Emotional, social development
  • Team building & with this fun, enjoyment, entertainment, happiness, joy, laughter

We have following open activity areas

Swimming pool
They learn swimming with enjoyment, waterplay water play, fun & it works as a good body toner.

Body balancing & stamina building physical activity.

Running, jumping, catching, kicking, leg practice & team building is achieved thro’ the activity.

Basket ball
Team building, jumping, throwing ball at the target with concentration is achieved thro’ the activity.

Sand Pool
Co-operative and collaborative learning centre where children can spend hours together happily. A place which Stimulate social play, works directly on the creative and thinking skills of the child. This indirectly develops fine motor skills and gripping. A place child loves to be involved in.

Hockey & cricket
Fun plays directly on large muscles development and eye hand co-ordination.

Free space
Lots of space automatically gives a platform of endless numbers of teachers directed group activities enhancing skills in the children.

Apparatus & children
This centre specially provides them with the apparatus & tools which work on the I.Q and mental development of the child. Learning is found accelerated with due span of time in continuous working with the apparatus. Vedaant Montessori labs equipped with:

  • Exercises’ of practical life skills material.
  • Sensorial apparatus
  • Arithmetic apparatus
  • Language apparatus
  • I.Q puzzles
  • Memory games
  • Material for motor development, fine motor development.

Teachers directed activity centre zone
This zone is totally directed by the teachers for the co – scholastic development of the child. The place makes the teacher identify the hidden talents of children – music sessions, dance classes, craft, painting, creative schedules are all conducted in this zone.

Audio visual session
These sessions are weekly conducted on computers and thro’ projectors to give live shapes to the concepts which are thought in the classroom. Children software’s to fun movies like ‘ganesha’, ‘hanuman’ are a part of session.

Classrooms are fully charged with brilliant colours and latest teaching aids.

Length of the school day
The length of the school day is kept comfortable as per the requirement of the children the timings are 9:00 am to 12:30 pm round the year.

Daily breakfast and Saturday lunch
Fresh hygienic and nutrition breakfast is served daily & a complete meal is served on Saturday to the children keeping in mind their fitness & developing eating habits in them.

Parents teachers meeting
picture : These will be monthly PTM in which child’s progress will be provided & queries if exists can also be sorted.

PTM are maintained monthly in VEDAANT keeping in mind that parents and teachers work together with their sincere efforts to develop children in all aspects.

Physical medical check up
Monthly there is a track of physical fitness maintained in school as physical fitness is important for the mental fitness of the child.

Children learn best thro’ direct experience
Its a perfect blend of seeing, feeling, doing, and learning : outing are the best way of bringing new, stimulating, mind stretching experiences to the young children. Words are not enough for knowledge, its perfect only if its practical.