Pursuit of excellence in academics is the primary objective of VEDAANT. There is highly enriched activity curriculum that gives them a sound and broad foundation of the basics.

Our activities and knowledge adds practices life skills and education of life which gives them a practical approach of life.
Our curriculum is age appropriate and scientifically designed taking in consideration the holistic development of the child.

We follow the VEDAANT Education System of Teaching (V.E.S.T) where a child’s age appropriate activity based learning takes place –
VEST – takes into consideration all the aspects of child’s personality and grooms them in the following way –

  • Physical development
  • Intellectual development
  •  Language development
  • Social development
  • Emotional development
  • Creative development

Physical Development

“Healthy mind healthy soul”. VEDAANT has specially designed outdoor spaces for physical development, children need spacious environment to run, dance, jump, hop & have fun in their own way. Enjoying childhood through physical development is greatly achieved through physical activities.

Intellectual Development

Ample number of activities & opportunities are given in VEDAANT to the child to use his intelligence and develop his I.Q.Children are made analytical so that they can successfully deal with the real life situations. Montessori sessions on puzzle solving, problem solving, reaching logics, aptitude, observation powers are provided.

Language Development

There are number of activities which directly adds on vocabulary & gives the children good language acquisition. Poems, rhymes, storytelling, picture reading, demonstrations enhances their communication & presentation skills.

Social & Emotional Development

A very important life essence is to be able to get along with the people and society. VEDAANT provides number of opportunities in school to the child so that the child can learn good behavioural skills, sharing and caring which automatically gives them enough courage & confidence to move in the peer group.

Creative Development

Children in vedaant are given number of opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, ideas and feelings.

  • Being responding to experiences, expressing and communicating ideas, children become creative.
  • Children’s independent & guided exploration of and engagement with a widening range of media & materials makes them creative.
  • Children are supported to develop and build their imaginations through stories, roles plays, imaginative play, dance, music developing then creativity.

Designing of Curriculum

Mrs Neelam Khandelwal, the academic director of vedaant carries a strong academical background from Delhi and has been with the children for last 17 yrs. She has herself undergone rigorous research among school children to find what is the right age to introduce concepts & how?, developmental patterns are studied and accordingly child centered curriculum is planned.

Hence, no text book are followed. To explain and reinforce concepts, children work on creatively & innovatively designed “Veda Activia” books (in house designed & published books). These books are integrated for all the subjects including rhymes.