Smart Mom

Smart Mom Programme

This is one of our much liked concept which is open for all. It’s an exclusive eight days workshop for all those who wish to understand their children first at all age level and wants to develop them accordingly in the best and correct way. This concept is able to give parents a better approach & vision to understand children. This understanding in turn helps them in handling and understanding their children comfortably. There are many situations in which the parents and specially mother finds herself helpless in handling as she spends her maximum time with the children. This programme helps her in the same context which makes her ‘SMART MOM’.



Developing child’s academics

  • How to take revision
  • Exam time and preparation
  • Homework time and teaching homework
  • Subject teachings in the correct way
  • Basic concepts of mathematics and science
  • PTM -what and how to interact with the respective class teachers

Developing child language

  • Phonetics – an approach.
  • Healthy – unhealthy use of language.
  • An approach to better communication – accent,
  • Pronunciation.
  • Active vocabulary development, word making.
  • Developing language grammar – (English, Hindi).
  • Developing language skills.
  • Developing listening.
  • Use of multimedia audio visual aid & many more.

Developing Child’s Life Time Skills

  • Writing, listening, reading, speaking.
  • Spiritual values, meditation, yoga for kids
  • Social activity, mannerism, etiquettes.
  • Hobbies formation & many more.

Developing Child–dealing with

  • Psychological problems with on set of age.
  • Self esteem self confidence.
  • How to make them independent.
  • Practical approach towards life.
  • Counselling & guidance.
  • Career path – by choice not by chance.
  • Situational handling.
  • Finding out hidden skills.
  • Art of saying ‘NO’
  • Activity planning.
  • Effect of couple conflict.
  • Joint & nuclear family & many more.

General Awareness

  • Child room and study as per vastu.
  • Child room colour, do & don’ts
  • Healthy diet- tasty cooking- recipes
  • Use of internet & computers.


1 WEEK FEE – RS 1000/-