Vedaant is known for its specially and scientifically designed pre-school campuses. Vedaant encompasses the need of pre-schoolers (below 6yrs) and strongly believes that  they not only require a very well structured curriculum providing right stimulations that form the basis future learning but also require a big space (unlike small independent units, flats) to breathe, play, have fun, enjoy to combine learning with fun  .

Vedaant’s infrastructure is a combination of child friendly, safe, hygienic, airy outdoor space with technically equipped indoor spaces. All Campuses are strictly planned away from main roads so that the campuses are not facing main roads directly and kids can never be in any danger situations.

In all, Vedaant ‘the premium school’ lands up with the following infrastructural detail which complements our classroom activities & curriculum marketing Vedaant an innovative , vibrant, creative, energetic organization, a place which provide stimulation for a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional & social needs making each experience & moments meaningful, effective & joyful.

Spacious Playground:

Specially developed play ground which caters the need of tender age like very obvious is that physical bodily development is only possible in an airy open space. Children need spacious environment to run, dance, jump, hop 6- have fun in their own way.

Swimming pool:

Vedaant swimming pool facility available with all branches and our kids enjoy all water activities during regular session in the pool. During summer camp, we found all the kids comfortable in the pool and start-learning swimming as an excellent physical activity & a body toner.

Skating Rink:

All Vedaant branches have skating facility for its toddlers. Round the year according t time table they learn the activity which is good for stamina building and body balancing.


Open areas of campus work well for football. Kids enjoy running, jumping, kicking the ball leg practice & team building with fun is achieved through the activity.


Children love their basketball sessions, as they feel very happy if they throw the ball in the basket. Team building, jumping, throwing ball at the target with concentration is achieved through the activity.

Sand Pool:

Big sand pools are creatively designed by us as it’s a very important place of preschool. Its co-operative and collaborative learning place where children can spend hours together happily. A place which stimulates social play, works directly on the creative and thinking skills of the child.

This indirectly develops fine motor skills and gripping. A place child loves to loves to be involved in.

Hockey and Cricket:

Our open area are perfect for team activity like hockey & cricket where fun & enjoyment directly gives large muscles development & eye hand co-ordination.

Mini Zoo Vedaant Safari:

With the new of making the environment natural and giving children a nature’s feel in our open area campuses have created mini zoo for the children with the name Vedaant safari for children, animals are the one‘s which are scary and should be touched or to be feeled. So, Vedaant planned from wild to domestic to pet animal to bring in action for its children and with that in the same size as they are found in like giraffe, elephant, cow, tiger, gorilla, of the same size as they exist naturally. This proved as an ambiguous, amazing experience for them. There are little fingers and big eyes to touch, feel, see and analyze them in their own way. Touching then legs, looking at them feet, sitting on them, looking at them faces and Hans were very thoughtful, meaning learning experiences. There are lot of things which we feel in Vedaant are beyond verbal expressions. They can only be experienced and Vedaant Zoo is one of them.

One of the infrastructural advantages for the Vedaant children is that we take them to different branches and make them explore the same as a part of excursion and learning different environments. In this way, we give them a change from monotonous structure to experiential learning.