Summer Camp

The summer holidays for your child are like a welcome break from studies, and with fun learning new things. We, every year begin our camp around 5th APRIL in the evening so that during school sessions kids come join us in the evenings and by 1st MAY C.B.S.E school close ,all kids join us in the morning batch. Here we cater an age of 4 to 12 years. The camp gives children exposure and training in all premium activities like swimming, skating, dance, drawing, painting, handwriting, calligraphy, spoken English, public speaking, and many more, conducted by expert professionals in respective fields.

The sessions are for three and half hour a day, where they get opportunity to select any three activities out of available activities which will be given one hour each everyday. The programme and events carried out in this timing are full of learning and enjoyment. In between summer camp there are many presentations and fulfilled activities which builds up their confidence and inter personal skills. That is the time when they win many of prizes for themselves.


Sports help you to prepare not just for a game but for life as well. Sports help the child to identify and develop every admirable quality, be it persistence, leadership, courage, teamwork, discipline etc. This develops them staminally also. We work on skill building sports like swimming, skating, table tennis.


Dance is an art from bringing alive the inner joy and passion in your body and soul. The camp is the right place to learn:-

  • Hip hop
  • Folk
  • Break dance
  • Jazz funk
  • Semiclassical
  • Centemporary
  • Rock n roll
  • Locking n poping etc.