School Facilities

Well  Equipped Classroom:

Classrooms are fully charged with brilliant colors & latest teaching aids. Each class is managed& supervised by two mentors &caretakers.


All the branches of Vedaant are headed by the Academic director Mrs.Neelam Khandelwal who trains the teachers and respective Branch heads technically to channelize & nourish the children in the most effective way. Their methodology of teaching along with use of teaching Aids and Montessori Apparatus is updated every month thro MONTHLY ORIENTATION SESSIONS given to the faculties.

Length of school days: 

The length of the school day is kept comfortable as per the requirement of the children. The timings are 9:00 A.M to 12:30 P.M for pre primary classes.

Pupil – Teacher Ratio:

For giving Individual attention to the child, Pupil teacher Ratio is maintained 10:1.

 Daily Breakfast and Saturday lunch:

Fresh, Hygienic and Nutritious breakfast is served daily and a complete meal is served on Saturday to the children keeping in mind their fitness and developing eating habits in them.

 P.T.M (Monthly Meetings):

There will be monthly P.T.M in which child’s progress will be provided and queries if exists can also be sorted. Parents and teachers work together with their sincere efforts to develop children in all aspects.
Monthly health Checkup – Track of Physical fitness is important with the mental fitness of the child & for that physical check up conducted in the school.

 Monthly Excursion:

Children learn best through direct experiences, seeing feeling and doing. Outings are one of the best ways of bringing new, stimulating, mind stretching experiences to the young children. No one can tell the child much, words alone cannot do the job, and knowledge is perfect only if it is practical. Outing now are perfect means of learning for him.

Co-curriculum Act:

To develop the individual personality and enhance relationships at every step, we need to provide co – curricular activities. Co- curricular activities cultivate interest and extend their exposures beyond confinin6 them in the classrooms. The best part is that even] one in school gets the chance to be social with others and discover them develop their interest and talents. Definitely at many places even a non-participative child can also be boosted up. Activities like Dance, Drama, Music, Aerobics, Clay Modeling, Creative art, Games, and lot many activities which the school offers.

Game & Sports:

“HEALTHY MUSCLES HEALTHY BRAIN”. For outdoor activities to perform there is an essential requirement of open space, well designed & equipped play ground like in Vedaant we have big skating rink, swimming pool ,sand pit, swings ,slides, rope climbing, football & basketball wound to play.

 Horse, Camel & Elephant Riding:

Vedaant Preschool organizes periodic riding facility which 6ives thrilling experience to the preschooler.

Transportation Facility:

Pre school age is such in which the transport should ideally consume less transit time, runs slow , pick &drop the child at home(not at stops like big buses) for these reasons autos are found the best options which run with slow speed consumes less time & leaves the child at the door step.

Uniform, Books & Bags:

These are available at the respective branches for the ease of the parents. Vedaant has created own publication so as to give the best in academics.

Events & celebrations:

Birthday Celebration – We celebrate birthday of each & every child in the school.

Festival Celebration:

Its celebrated one day prior to the festival to give complete information about the festival & to enjoy together.

Occasion Celebration:

Occasions like republic day, Gandhi Jay anti etc are celebrated with great admiration & respect.Monthly Competitions- Every month children need to be brought up on the stage enabling them to present their talent & face people opposite to them. This not only brings out hidden talents but also makes stage a comfortable zone for them to present themselves.

Theme days:

 These days work as a practical workshop for the pre schoolers, celebrated every month. The philosophy behind theme days is to learn while seeing.

Farm days:

`Gram Sanskriti” A day which is an annual event of Vedaant where the entire school is turned in to a farm with mandana, decoration, slogan rangoli etc. A day to show around live animals from horse, elephant, goat, sheep, dog to rabbit, monkey, snake, clucks, fishes etc. even the food served to the parents and kids is also traditional. City children are using all farm products like fruits, vegetables ,sugar butter milk, jiggery etc but they are not aware of farming, village culture and how they are produced and from where they are coming. So the day is exclusively celebrated keeping in mind all above with gram Sanskrit in the era of urbanization.

G.P Days:

“Dadi Amma Nani Amma Maan Jao”

It’s a day awaited for an entire u ear .As a mark of respect and gratitude this day is celebrated with lots of zeal and enthusiasm. Children perform on stages for their grandparents and the grand parents feel touched for the same. Every year wonderful to see grandparents performing and participating in games, dances and songs. We cherish this day throughout the -gear as no faculty or grandparent is left without tears of affection in their eyes.

Positive Parenting:

We organize workshops exclusively for PARENTS entitled Better parenting’ and many more issues of the parents related to child’s development are also given space All the queries related to how to deal with various situations during parenting’ are also taken into consideration and solved.

Vedaant  Summer  Activity Camp:

April -May -June for age group up to 15 Years.
Memory is not exclusively to the brain, but muscles have as well.
Vedaant and its unique approach honor the whole child by addressing the brain, body, mind and spirit.

Activities in the summer camp:

Spoken English   Clan Modeling  Personality development
Dance  Painting Drawing
Music Skating Vocal music
Art craft  Swimming  Vedic math
Instrumental music  Judo Karate Table tennis
Yoga Aerobics  

Vedaant  good evening activity club:
It an activity based learning program along with regular academics coaching in which activities like Instrumental music ,vocal music, Dance , Drawing , painting , calligraphy, handwriting skating table tennis are conducted in the evening .Timings 4pm to 7 pm. Vedaant smart moms:  This is one of our unique concepts which are open for all it’s an exclusive 10-15 days workshop for all those who wish to understand their children first at all age levels and wants to develop them accordingly in the best and correct way.Vedaant interactive English lab: E Blocks is a specially designed English language learning lab for the beginners ,developed h POSITIVA BRAZIL, which works on listening speaking reading writing (LSRW) ,cooperative & collaborative learning. Vedaant Montessori Lab:Vedaant’s all branches are equipped with Montessori apparatus serving total developmental needs of the children.
Main purpose of the Montessori lab is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which will help the child develop an excellent foundation of or creative learning. The specific goals are all achieved by children who are given Montessori apparatus to handle throughout the year-

  • Developing a positive attitude towards school.
  • Gaining self confidence.
  • Developing concentration.
  • Fostering an abiding curiosity.
  • Developing habits of initiation and persistence.
  • Fostering inner security and sense of order in the child.

Montessori labs are equipped with:

  • Exercises of practical life skills material.
  • Sensorial apparatus.
  • Arithmetic apparatus.
  • Language apparatus.
  • I.Q. Puzzles.
  • Memory games & activities.
  • Materials for motor development, fine motor development.