Pre School

Why Pre -School?

The chance to interact with children is the benefit of Pre School in a nutshell , but its far more important than what those few words say. Interaction means an addition in personality of a child i.e. learning social skills, how to wait, how to take turns, how to listen, how to share & take care of others.

Primarily Pre School is a strong foundation of a child’s academic learning as the infrastructure of a pre school is the only place suitable in encompassing it which ideally a regular school does not specialize in. In pre school child listen to poetry & songs – development for language skills building blocks needed to grasp phonics & reading skills when it is developmentally appropriate.

Play with water, sand & containers form the foundation for understanding some basic math concepts. Sequencing, matching, one to one correspondence are all activities that are done over & over in preschool settings & help children get ready to learn academics.
Presence of other children & a wide variety of special material are other two big reasons which makes pre school a good thing.

Vedaant Pre School makes the complete environment full of joy happiness healthy stimulus with learning values & allow child become independent & self confident for the fast advancing hi-tech world.


What is a Pre -School?

Pre school is transition school between home & main stream school. Pre school is the place which is meant to provide stimulation for a child’s physical intellectual ,emotional & social needs.


How important is a Pre -School?

A good pre school provides early stimulation that forms the basis of future learning. Help children fight separation anxiety before going to main stream school. The care what a child deserves & needs at this age can exclusively be given only in a preschool compact environment.

Research has shown between 0 to 5 years 75% to 80% of the brain growth takes place ,this is the age when children learn the most and pre school is the right plat form to cater the same at its best.

Generally Public schools with good infrastructure are at a commendable distance, it’s not advisable to make the child undergo such a long distance travel in a bus till the age of comfortable griping.

Unlike numbers of toys , which child gets at home, pre school provides them specially & scientifically designed toys ,which work on their I Q level & has learning values attached to it. So a pre school does a lot of value addition as far as child’s preliminary education is concerned .