There are many events and celebrations round the year celebrated by the children with teacher and friends.


The latest mesmerizing, sweet, adorable event was “CHEER 2012” being witnessed altogether by thousands of parents at our VEDAANT’S saket branch. As the name suggest, this day was full of cheer, love, joy, happiness. We could ourselves see the smiles of the faces of parents.

This was the very beginning event in itself where the parents and grand parents participated instead of children. They participated right in singing, dancing, couple dancing, tambola, and fashion show. Their energy levels and enthusiasm was highly appreciable.

One “family dance” competition was one which brought the ethos of Indian culture on stage. To see full family participation motivated the young toddlers about Indian culture.

There were “1 minute” programmes also in which couples participated and won for them “24 karat gold plated flowers”.

Parents have put themselves many eatable stalls which were highly appreciated by co parents.

Like wise many children parents had put stalls of chocolates, suits, bangles, handbags, jewellery, etc, which was well appreciated by the other parents.

There were around thirty big and small live animals including elephant, horse, camel, bullock cart, parrots, ducks etc.

Live animals were joyful and thrill of experience for the kids. They had in campus rides on horse, camel, bullock etc.




Each child’s birthday is an important day of celebration for school and child himself.



We celebrate all festivals with lot of zeal and enthusiasm. It helps student in gaining an insight into other cultures, so that they learn to respect & celebrate the culture homogeneity & heterogeneity of India . Id, Christmas, Holi, Diwali etc are all celebrated.



All occasions like Gandhi jayanti, Rpublic day, Children’s day are celebrated by the same national spirit.






Visit to traffic park : A visiot to traffic park is actual practical approach to understand road traffic signals, rules & regulations, children are learning it while doing it.

Visit to macdonald : An outing full of fun, exitment, thrill, & enjoyment while enjoying their lovely food.

Visit to super market : In past every year a visit to super market is always very enjoyable and educational for kids. From grociries to toiletries to electrical appliances, they learn lot of practical day to day things.

Lot of beautiful atmosphere, music, dance, celebration is what makes it a memorable experience with friends and teachers.

As a mark of respect, dignity and showcasing grandparents as “special” we celebrate “grand parents day” in which only grand parents are invited to witness there grand children performance on stage. VEDAANT has viewed parents coming from all over India and feeling privileged in the campuses.

Many of them share their golden moments that after their daughter or son’s school function’s, after a gap of 10, 15 years they have again entered in school premises to see their grand children performances. Many of the grand parents are found very busy in their officials that didn’t remember even when they had last made a visit to their daughter’s home. This event bought all of them together. They were joyous to be in their grand children’s annual event along with the grand children.

The musical events included melodious Bhajans sung by children on table, harmonium which made all grandparents sing along  them with their hand clapping on the “Thaps of Tabla”. Amusing songs like “NANI AMMA NANI AMMA MAAN JAO” a song which made all nani’s jump up high from their chairs. There were few competitions planned also in which it was suprising to see them come up and participate.

What a moment ! happiness arount in the campuses of VEDAANT !

There are many such special field trips planned round the year for the kids.